Privacy Policy

For issues and questions about privacy or the bot, send an email to or dm on Discord Chicken#4127.
Stored data can be removed by two ways. Either by contacting me or using datareset command.
If sent via email, include your Discord ID on your message.
Your id can be obtained by enabling developer mode, right clicking your username in a message and clicking copy id.
Optionally you can add a reason for this request to make me improve the system.
Your leveling system data will automatically be removed on leaving a guild.

Collected data is not shared with anyone. All data is for internal usage of the bot only.

Bot collected data from guild include the id of guild and data given by using the settings command.
Data collected from users include their id, leveling system xp and data given to the bot by using the remind command.

Ids are collected to be able to link bot data to discord user or guild.
Bot data include bot's settings in guild, reminders and leveling system xp.

This data is needed for bot features to work.
If you don't want data to be collected. Don't use the bot.

I'm not a lawyer, I have no idea what to write.
Please drop suggestions in my email above and ask questions if this is unclear.